What you do

To participate in the residence program, applicants are required to:

  • Participate for the whole program period.
  • Be able to carry out working and living on his / her own.
  • Conduct necessary research or field work and be positively involved in the communication with other artists, project administration committee and local community.
  • Give first priority to the ART: OPTIMISM projects (4 hours daily) during the designated hours @ residence period, use the studio as the basis of the activities, and notify the studio manager when leaving studio for certain duration for artistic activities. In case artists are scheduled to participate in other artistic activities and exhibition during the ART: OPTIMISM project residency period, they are obliged to inform the Project Administration Committee and obtain consent in advance.
  • Participate in official programs on the designated dates.
  • Follow regulations and terms / conditions of the ART: OPTIMISM Project Administration Committee.
  • Follow regulations and terms of use the public building where ART: OPTIMISM Studio is located.
  • Refrain from carrying out profit-making activities during the program.
  • Cooperate with the administration committee for publicity and other activities related to the promotion of the program.
  • Inform the activities such as exhibitions which is related to the project you have done during the residency to the ART: OPTIMISM Project Administration Committee.
  • Mention about ART: OPTIMISM artist-in-residence program on your CV after finishing residence program.

In the ART: OPTIMISM project artist-in-residence program, artists will participate
in the following, as official programs:

  • Welcome party (half day)
  • Courtesy visit to the city managers office (upon arrival, half day)
  • Courtesy visit to the mayor’s office (upon arrival or departure, half day)
  • Press club interview (half day)
  • Day trip around New York sightseeing spots (1-2 days optional)
  • Open Studios (around a week during the stay)
  • Local / Community / Public program such as talk, workshop etc

  • ** All program details are subject to change.

The artist is expected to:
  • Be cooperative with interviews and other requests from various media such as newspapers, TV, public relations magazines.
  • Agree that the copy right of all the photos and footage which records the activities by organizer during the residency belongs to the ART: OPTIMISM project administration committee.
  • Be cooperative to requests concerning use of photos and footage for the publicity and promotion for the ART: OPTIMISM residency.
  • Be cooperative to refer to the name of ART: OPTIMISM project at the future publicity.
** Follow the program requirements as listed above, and sign the statement of mutual agreement and points of concern upon invitation. Artists who breach the agreed conditions and obligations may be subject to cancellation of the invitation and all provisions, withdrawal of partial provisions, or refund of allowance and airfare paid in advance, depending on the scope of violation.


Artists from overseas have to be covered by overseas travel injury insurance.

What we offer

Each artist is provided with the following support during the residency period.

Working space is provided for the artist.

** Artists required to bring/prepare specific tools, equipment, computer and software necessary for his / her artistic activities. Although minimum tools (ex. drill, screwdriver, hammer, saw etc.) are available, studios are not equipped with professional facilities such as workshop, studio for shooting or editing room. ART: OPTIMISM studio also cannot provide SLR photograph camera & video camera


Artist will be provided with a furnished room that includes minimum electric appliances.


Bicycle, prepaid cell phone.

Transportation fee

Artist from Ukraine: Round-trip (economy class) airfare from the Borispol international airport to New York International Airports is provided.


Artist will be provided with minimum for living and other basic expenses and for some expense related to any kind of his / her artistic activities. The allowance:
  • will be confirmed at the time of invitation.
  • will be directly handed to the artist
  • will be paid in 3 parts on the designated dates during stay

Studio office support

Studio Office consists of two coordinators and a possibly guest curator. They will coordinate meetings with arts professionals, informants, and interpreters, assist artist in making arrangement necessary for his / her activities, and also facilitate communication with other artists and the local community.